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The Wright Cut and Care 

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This is a temporary and harmless dye to be used on dogs for an added bit of fun!

Choose from a variety of patterns and colours.

On it's own £5

With another services £2.50


The Full Wag

      Shampoo, conditioner, massaging bath, ear cleaning, nail clipping and hair cut.

From £20

Bath and Dry

      Shampoo, conditioner, massaging bath, drying, brushing, ear cleaning and nail clipping

From £10


Quotes may vary depending on the size of dog, or the condition of your dog's coat and the time spent preparing your dog for bath and/or clip.

Knotted coats may need to be clipped short for the dog's comfort and to prevent future skin problems occurring.

Recommended time between sessions is 6-8 weeks.

Nail Trimming

Nail clipping and filing


Ear Plucking

Gentle plucking of hair


​Ear Cleaning

Gentle cleaning of ears with specialised cleaner for dogs.



We offer a collection within a 10 mile radius of our home. We are fully insured and have a car kitted out to provide the safest journey possible for your dogs.